Welcome to my personal web presentation

Igor GasparMy name is Igor Gaspar from Hungary. Why is this presentation build? Internet is growing extremely fast, and I decided to build this web site to make my friends easier to find me. Of course, another important fact is that today it is not luxury thing to have web presentation, especially if you build it yourself :-)


About me, but very shortly

I was born in Subotica (Serbia) in 1973. I finished my elementary and secondary school in same town on Serbian language (in that time Serbo-Croatian). In 1998. I become Mechanical Engineer on Szent István University in Hungary. With diploma in my hand I started to work in Chemos stock company (Palic, Serbia) as "universal" mechanical engineer. In 2005. I moved with my family into Budapest, Hungary and I started to work on Corvinus University of Budapest on Food Engineering department. I also started my PhD studies. Beside university I work as web programmer. I have several big projects behind me, like Birthday Scan, Word Meanings etc. Today one of my main aims is to finish PhD studies and to dig deep into my science. Beside English, I speak Serbian, Hungarian, Croatian and Russian languages.

Igor Gaspar, 2013