My YouTube channel: Swimming Lifestyle

Gáspár Igor, youtubeAs I already mentioned, my #1 hobby is Swimming! Since 1st January 2018. I started my YouTube channel named Swimming Lifestyle, where I would like to upload my VLOG video reports about swimming competition Locations. Most of them will be open water swimming. Below this text you can find list with direct link to my videos grouped by competition type (Open Water, Masters and other videos).

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Open Water Swimming

Country Location Distance Date
Austria Klosterneuburg 3.8 km 12.05.2018
Austria Mörbisch 5 km 17.06.2018
Austria Neufeld 4.5 km 14.06.2018
Austria Stubenbergsee 3.8 km 10.05.2018
Austria Vienna, Kaiserwasser 2.5 km 05.05.2018
Bosnia Brčko 10 km 21.07.2018
Hungary Budapest, Danube 400 m 01.09.2018
Hungary Szarvas 2 km 20.08.2018
Hungary Szeged, Maty-ér 4 km 10.06.2018
Serbia Apatin, Danube backwater 3 km 08.07.2018
Serbia Bačka Topola, Zobnatica 3,5,10 km 30.06.2018
Serbia Bečej, Tisa river 3 km 04.08.2018
Serbia Čortanovci, Danube river 3 km 25.08.2018
Serbia Novi Bečej 2.5 km 26.08.2018
Serbia Panonija 3 km 24.06.2018
Serbia Srebrno jezero 3 km 15.09.2018
Serbia Sremska Mitrovica 2 km 18.08.2018
Serbia Šabac 2.5 km 05.08.2018
Serbia Velebit 3 km 14.07.2018
Serbia Zrenjanin, Peskara 3 km 23.06.2018
Slovenia Bled 3 & 5 km 08.09.2018

Masters Swimming

Country Location Primary Date
Austria Vienna 1500m freestyle 16.03.2018
Hungary Budapest, Tüske Uszoda 200m fly 15.04.2018
Hungary Szentes 1500m freestyle 20.01.2018
Slovakia Spišská Nová Ves 800m freestyle 07.04.2018

Other, Swimming videos:

Title Comment Date
Flip Turn vs Open Turn about swimming 02.05.2018
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